Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prophage is Now Found on "Research Blogging"

Blogging about contemporary research is fun, but I think it is equally fun to read other peoples' blogs.  Now there are lots of science blogging groups out there, but I thought a lot of them have an "exclusive membership" feel where a small, select group of people post blogs about different scientific fields.  These are great, but I found myself wanting more.  I both wanted to find a large, diverse, less exclusive group of bloggers so that I could read about many kinds of science, and also wanted that group to be a community I could become a part of.  After some searching I came across the site "Research Blogging".

Without getting into it too much, this is a site made by research bloggers who wanted the same type of community I was looking for.  This site offers a convenient single location for searching through  diverse groups of research blogs, as well as up-to-date feeds that let you see the community's most recent science blog posts.  In addition, anyone serious about research blogging can join, contribute to the community, and increase the audience that their blog will reach.  Overall I think this is a really cool  site and I am excited to be a part of it through "Prophage".

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